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Learn why the Shatter Zone exists

Between people driving like maniacs down the highway to coworkers driving you crazy (not to mention the daily news reports), you accumulate a lot of stress. The Shatter Zone provides the perfect outlet for you to vent and get that weight off your shoulders.

Don’t keep your emotions bottled up. Let them loose at the Shatter Zone! Call 779-210-7383 now to rent a room.

What do you do at the Shatter Zone?

What do you do at the Shatter Zone?

When you visit us, you’ll get a box full of different types of breakables, depending on the package you purchased. You’ll then take the box to your designated room. Once you’re inside, you can:

  • Break the items with a hammer
  • Beat them with a crowbar
  • Smash them with a bat or golf club
  • Throw them against the wall

And don’t worry – we’ll give you a full set of safety gear so you can shatter the items safely.

We don’t place restrictions on how you can destroy the items, so feel free to use whichever method appeals most to you! Contact us today to make your reservation.