Smash Your Trash and Relieve Your Stress

Donate and break old items at the Shatter Zone in Loves Park, IL

Have you ever been so frustrated you just want to hit something? Well, you can at the Shatter Zone! We provide a safe, controlled environment where you can break objects to help you unwind. You can smash glass, furniture and even electronics using bats, crowbars or other objects. If you want to just chuck something at the walls, you can do that, too!

Call 779-210-7383 now to reserve a room. You must be at least 18 years of age to participate.

4 perks of our facility

The staff at the Shatter Zone understand that our method of stress relief is unorthodox. We also understand if you're nervous about trying us out. Here are four reasons why you can feel more at ease about visiting us:

  1. Safety. We'll provide you with coveralls, face shields, gloves, vests and other safety gear you may need.
  2. Convenience. We'll clean up the mess for you so you can smash to your heart's content.
  3. Comfort. Our facility is fully air conditioned. You won't have to worry about drowning in sweat when you're smashing your items.
  4. Entertainment. We provide speaker systems so you can smash to your favorite playlist.

Soon, we'll even have a way for you to take your shattering experience with you. Keep checking back to see when we'll have shattering videos available.

We can't go on without you!

We can't go on without you!

It makes more sense to break old items than it does to buy new ones and shatter them. That's why the Shatter Zone accepts donations from the community. We'll take your old breakables so we can supply you with the items you need to relieve your stress. Contact us ASAP to learn how you can donate your items.

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